October 7th, 2011


The nature of the beast

I looked down into a pit of shadows. Strange lights flicked and I could see colors I didn’t have names for. The vile black thing was neither liquid nor solid and the tentacle like arms wavered in the light. The thing was making a horrific noise like nails on a chalkboard but deep inside my brain. Whatever it was it was a corruption of the natural world.
     Hot urine slid down my legs as I voided what little I had left in m bladder. My body tried to back away but I couldn’t move I couldn’t do anything bust stare into the forsaken vision of horror below me.  The creature’s thoughts were like mind pollution burning the air souls around it with its presence.
     A tentacle reached up and kissed my ear with its black touch. Adrenaline flood my brain as the thing danced into my ear canal and I could fell the lick of its skin that should not exist. The long tentacle slipped into my ear and it felt like spikes dug into the soft tissue of my brain. I have never experience such horrific mind numbing agony.
     A thick tentacle of an impossible color tried to push its way down my mouth. As it did two cranial saws swung inward from the chair.
     “Mother fucker.” I shouted, and broke the binding of the tape. I grabbed the cranial saw, ripped off the hinge and slammed its blade against the black tentacle. The thing severed and turned to maggots in my mouth. I spit them out as they tried to devour my flesh from the inside. The cranial saw was humming and I could feel the thing below shrieking into my brain. My head was pounding and my nose was dripping black blood.
     The door was closed and locked from the other side. The creature was making horrible noises trying to follow me over a grated metal floor. I brought the saw down on the tape holding my feet and then I backed away from the pit where this thing was.
     With the saw I cut the straps holding the chair and pulled it back from the ledge. Right then the door flung open. Maggont was carrying red. He looked down at the where the missing chair should be and I hit him with it. I couldn’t hold it and the entire thing along with him and the woman went into the pit with the creature.
     Red screamed so loud I thought my ear drums were going to pop and I turned to run out the door. The saw stopped running and I dropped it to the ground.
     Babyface loomed in the door way. His face registered shock and anger. I knew he was surprised so I put my shoulder into his gut and shoved him like he was tackle dummy. Red’s scream stopped suddenly.
     “That is enough of that.” Babyface said, standing back up. The warts on his face was leaking a green sludge. The smell of acid filled the room. He wiped his hands on his cheek and flung the shit at me. When it touched my skin it burned like hell.
     “What the hell are you?” I asked stepping around him. I could see Maggot coming back in the room. He was no longer wearing the coat. I could see he was basically a human skeleton with millions of maggots flowing around him instead of flesh. The little geasy white worms smelled of rotting flesh and devoured Bob’s meat as Maggot came lumbering in.
     “Okay, this is out of hand now.” Maggot said. He lunged at me and grabbed me by the shoulders. Maggots dripped off his face and arms and crawled on me. They were all up in my nose and my mouth and my ears.
     They were consuming my face and arms when Babyface pulled me away. I couldn’t stop screaming. I vomited up still squirming worms as Babyface pitched me into the corner. I hit my head and my vision blurred.
     “What the fuck man? You have been trying to kill this asshole all day. I’m sick of his shit.” Maggot said, worms dripping off him like wax off a candle.
     “It wants him alive.” Babyface said. “I say we lock him in the shower stall next door.”
     “Take him before I break his skull.” Maggot shouted. Babyface grabbed me by the foot and drug me back into the stone shower stall next door. He pitched me in and closed the metal gate with a lock. I don’t think I was the first person they put back there.
     Maggot turned and grabbed Rosa, lifting her by hair and took her into the room with the creature. As he walked the maggots followed in a line, leaving Bob with out most of the flesh on his skull.
     “I will start cutting fingers off.” Babyface shouted at me.
     “Like your mother did?” I snaked.
     “My mother was no saint. “ Babyface said. “But I wouldn’t go there if I were you.”
     “Sorry man I already did, with your mother.” I said. He turned and stormed off. I heard the metal door slam with a clang.
     “Can you hear me?” Alyssa said, laying down on the other side of the cement.
     “Yes.” I said. I didn’t really feel like talking or moving.
     “What the hell is going on.” She said.
     “I wish I knew. They just tried to feed me to some kind of a monster. Them, their monsters took.” I said.
     “Do you think we can get out here?” She asked.
     “I know I can.” I said.
     “What did you see in there?” she asked.
     “You don’t want to know. Worse than anything I have ever seen and I have seen some shit.” I said leaning my cheek against the cold stone.